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Ball Valves


Ball Valve product description

Ball valves (Flanged general and butt-welding connection optional) are suitable for using on various kinds of pipeline from pressure Class 150 to Class 1500, PN16 to PN160 to cut off or allow the flowing of medium. By using different material, the valves could be suitable for medium such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing substance, carbamide and etc. Manual/worm gear/pneumatic or electric actuators could be chosen by needs.

Ball valve is used to cut off, distribute or change the flowing direction of medium. 90°'s turning with very small torque could seal the valve very well.

Floating ball valve has a good sealing performance, however, we need to consider whether the outlet side seat could bear the working pressure as the movable ball would nearly pass all the medium pressure to the seat. For this reason, the floating structure is generally for middle & low pressure working pressure.

Ball Valve product features

     CHAODA Ball Valve has the features of Good sealing, reliable, safety and long life span. Ball Valve developed by Chaoda has following good characteristics: good sealing performance, reliable safety guarantee, long life span and etc.

     CHAODA VALVES GROUP CO.,LTD. launched its quality management and safety system as ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001, API6D, CE/PED, API607,API6FA, ISO15848-1 TS and API 600.

Reliable Seat Seal

    Floating Ball Valve采用弹性密封圈结构设计。当介质压力较小时,密封圈与球体接触面积较小,在密封圈与球体接触处形成较大的密封比压,确保可靠密封。当介质压力较大时,随着密封圈的弹性变形,密封圈与球体的接触面积增大,故密封圈能承受较大的介质推力而不会损坏。

The structure design of elastic sealing ring has been adopted for ball valves. This seat design features a bigger sealing pressure ratio between the ring surface and the ball when medium pressure gets lower, where the contacting area is smaller. Thus, the reliable seal is ensured. When the medium pressure gets higher, the contacting area between seat ring and ball becomes bigger as the sealing ring transforms elastically to undertake the bigger force pushed by the medium without any damage.

Fire Safe Design

在阀门的使用现场发生火灾时,当聚四氟乙烯等非金属 material制作的阀座密封圈,阀杆上密封垫,阀杆密封填料以及中法兰密封垫片在高温下分解或破坏后, CHAODABall Valve能够借助于特别设计的金属对金属辅助密封结构,有效地控制阀门的内漏和外漏。对于用户有防火要求的Floating Ball Valve, CHAODA公司的防火设计均符合API 607,API 6FA,BS 6755及JB/T 6899等standards规范的要求。

With the valve heated in a fire application, the non-metal material parts such as seat sealing ring of PTFE, stem back seat gasket, gland packing, and the sealing gasket between body and bonnet might disintegrate or be damaged due to high temperature. CHAODA's specially designed structure of auxiliary metal to metal seal is provided to effectively prevent both internal and external leakage of the valve. As required by customers, CHAODA's ball valves with fire safe design can meet the requirement of API 607, API 6FA, BS 6755 and JB/T 6899 .

Reliable Stem Seal

    Ball Valve阀杆采用防吹出结构设计,即使在阀腔异常升压以及填料压板失效等极端情况下,也能保证阀杆不会被介质吹出。阀杆采用有到密封的下装式结构设计,倒密封的密封力随着介质压力的增高而增大,故能在各种压力下均能确保阀杆的可靠密封。

The blow-out proof design has been adopted for the stem of ball valve to ensure that even if the pressure in the body cavity is risen accidently and the packing flange becomes invalid, the stem may not be blown out by medium. The stem is equipped with a backseat design, being assembled from underneath. The sealing force against the backseat gets higher as the medium pressure becomes higher. thus to ensure the reliable sealing of stem under variable medium pressure.

Ball Valve standards

  Design and manufacture standards:API 6D, API 608, GB/T 12237, BS 5351

  Face to face dimensions standards:ASME B 16.10, GB/T 12221

  Flanged Ends standards:ASME B 16.5、GB/T 9112~9124、HG/T 20592、HG/T 20615、JB/T 74~90、JIS B2238

  Testing inspection standards:API 598, GB/T 13927, GB/T 26480, JB/T9092, ISO 5208


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