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The 30th anniversary of Chaoda valve

发表时间:2020-05-20 13:56

In 1984, Wang Hanzhou cooperated with Huang Mingjin to establish the second instrument valve factory in qingshuibu Town, Yongjia County.

In 1989, the company changed its name to Yongjia valve factory, specializing in the production of matching valves for imported equipment.

The extra large diameter safety valve and negative pressure safety valve are used in Shijiazhuang coking plant, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

In 1992, it successfully registered the trademark of "Chaoda", aiming to "surpass ourselves, innovate constantly, and meet the needs of high-end customers".

API standard gate valve, stop valve and check valve are produced and exported to Japan through Shanghai Minmetals Corporation.

In 1995, Qiu Xiaolai, deputy director of the valve room of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of machinery, was invited to join the enterprise and set up the valve laboratory.

In 1996, Ning Danfeng, chief engineer of Lanzhou high pressure valve factory, was invited to join the enterprise to implement quality management improvement project.

In 1997, set up the domain name as the enterprise website.

In 1998, the enterprise technology research center was established, specializing in the development and research of new valve technology and new products.

Obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification.

In 1999, "Zhejiang Chaoda Valve Co., Ltd." was established by Yongjia valve factory.

Become a member enterprise of Sinopec material resources market.

Draft and formulate JB / T 8937-1999 "clip on check valve" standard, becoming the first national mechanical industry valve standard drafted by private enterprises in China.

In 2000, the company obtained API 6D certification certificate from American Petroleum Institute.

It has become a member enterprise of the primary supply network of high and medium pressure valves of CNPC natural gas group company.

Participated in the formulation of 13 national standards such as GB / T 9112-9124-2000 "steel pipe flange", and won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of Academy of mechanical science.

In 2001, the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and obtained the qualification certificate of import and export enterprises.

In 2002, the metal hard seal high temperature ball valve won the national key new product.

Become a member of valve supply network of national power system.

Obtained the EU CE certificate.

It has been awarded "Zhejiang provincial tenth five year" manufacturing information engineering demonstration enterprise by the provincial science and technology department.

In 2003, it was the first one in China to obtain API 600 gate valve product certification (the 11th in the world).

Become a member of CNOOC high and medium pressure valve supply network.

In 2004, the first phase project of Chaoda valve's five star factory area, covering an area of 48 mu, was completed and put into operation.

"Chaoda" was awarded the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province.

It has been certified by AQSIQ for safety registration of pressure pipeline components.

Obtained API 607 ball valve fire test certification.

In 2005, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

Metal hard seal high temperature ball valve has been listed in the national Torch Program.

The developed gray water black water metal hard seal ball valve is widely used in coal chemical gasification plant, fully replacing the import.

The project "Research on PDM system supporting product innovation based on Web and its application in valve manufacturing industry" undertaken by Zhejiang science and Technology Department passed the acceptance and put into use.

In 2006, the provincial enterprise technology center was established.

Obtained API 6fa ball valve fire test certification.

The first phase project of Qingtian Chaoda casting production base, covering an area of 60 mu, was completed and put into operation.

More than 30000 valves were supplied to Germany BASF and us hensmann in MDI project of Shanghai chemical industry zone.

The slag lock valve for coal gasification plant has been successfully applied in Anhui Huaihua group instead of import.

In 2007, chief engineer Qiu Xiaolai won the National May 1st Labor Medal and the title of Zhejiang Province model worker.

Over 70 million tons of valves have been supplied to Singapore oil depots.

The developed wear-resistant ball valve has been successfully applied to the first set of s-zorb gasoline adsorption desulfurization unit in China (Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd.)

In 2008, the developed high parameter wear-resistant ball valve was applied to Shenhua 1 million tons coal direct liquefaction demonstration project in large quantities, and was determined by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council as a valve enterprise with only one support group for linkage test run of the project.

The special metal hard seal ball valve for ash water black water slurry and coal slurry is listed as the national torch plan project.

"Chaoda brand" ball valve is rated as Zhejiang famous brand product.

Beijing gas group presented the company with the banner of "full support and co guarantee the Olympic Games", commending the super high quality valve to guarantee the Olympic Games.

Nearly ten thousand sets of high-definition clean and wear-resistant valves have been used in ten polysilicon projects such as Xuzhou Zhongneng to replace the imported ones.

Approved by PDO as qualified supplier.

Approved as qualified supplier by nisoc.

In 2009, pipeline ball valves and all welded ball valves were applied to the national key energy projects, such as the east section of the second west to east gas pipeline, the Sebei Nanjing Lanzhou double line project, and the Hefei section of Sichuan to east gas transmission project.

High performance valves meeting the requirements of high sulfur content and micro leakage are widely used in Puguang gas field purification project, instead of imported ones.

Low temperature valves are applied in batch in Hefei LNG project instead of import.

High temperature bellows ball valve is used in Shandong Shenchi chemical delayed coking project instead of import.

In cooperation with Alstom of France, we have successfully developed high strength low temperature steel castings for high speed locomotive motors.

Production of class2500-nps10 metal hard seal ball valve, used for aerospace industry wind tunnel test device, instead of imported.

It was approved as a qualified supplier by SK company in Korea.

Obtained the manufacture license TS certification (A1 level) of special equipment (pressure pipe components) of AQSIQ.

Set up "Zhenhai Chaoda valve maintenance service Co., Ltd." in Ningbo.

The deep sea bottom sampling device and valve developed for Zhejiang University have been successfully applied in three national 863 Program projects.

In 2010, high parameter metal hard seal wear-resistant ball valve won the national torch meter



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